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Foodstuffs, Agricultural and Marine Products Kikusui Shuzo Co., Ltd.

We have experience making refined sake that goes all the way back to the Edo period. Through this experience we have developed a high level of craftsmanship and great facilities for making shochu, liqueurs, fruit wines, and other beverages. We also make efforts to make processed goods from local Kochi products like yuzu, pomelo, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes. We have recently created an all female development team for our "Brewing for Women Project" in order to create new products to satisfy the demand of the current market trend toward products for women.

main item

  • This is a "cloudy fruit liqueur" made with plentiful amounts of yuzu and peaches.
  • We make several products with women in mind like our "yogurt liqueur" and "sparkling sake".
  • This a Japanese rum made with Kochi sugarcane.

Company Profile

  • Name : Kikusui Shuzo Co., Ltd.
    Name of Representative : Tadashi Haruta
    Address: 4-6-25 Honmachi, Aki City, Kochi, JAPAN 784-0004
    TEL&FAX : TEL 0887-35-3501 FAX 0887-35-3503
    Website: http://www.tosa-kikusui.co.jp/


    Capital: 45,000,000
    年商: 1,000,000,000
    Established: November 1948
    Employees: 60


公益社団法人 高知県貿易協会

所在地:高知県高知市丸ノ内1-2-20 高知県庁本庁舎内

TEL:088-821-0033 FAX:088-822-3065