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Machine Materials and Metal Products Kochi Marutaka Co., Ltd.

Kochi Marutaka Co., Ltd. has been performing research and development in construction technology with its construction work foundation division to fulfill the needs of the modern world since 1967. We have had especially great success in excavating bedrock under unique conditions. During that time we have also been hard at work at research and development in the areas of mountain roads, temporary wharfs, gantry, and ScQ pier construction methods. These types of construction work make up 80% of our current sales. Our recent work includes the development of machines to aid in swift recovery and reconstruction after disasters. In the field of foundation construction, we are developing a pile driver for use in reinforcing coastal pile-driving that can reduce pollution, cut costs, and work swiftly.

main item

  • Our simple bridge building method was NETIS certified as a recommended method by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2014. It is a new way to build bridges in mountainous areas economically and safely without damaging the environment. The method greatly reduces construction time and costs.
  • Our boat can propel itself in water with a depth of as little as 60cm making it able to perform in shallow waters. It can aid in performing bridge checks on any of Japan's 700,000 bridges, dredging, wreckage removal, marine transport and more.
  • We have been developing our tsunami evacuation shelter for ten years, and have performed many tests of its effectiveness. It has now been made into a product, and in 2005 it was certified under the standards of the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.

Company Profile

  • Name : 株式会社高知丸高
    Name of Representative : Ichiro Takano
    Address: 28-2 Azono Minamimachi, Kochi City, Kochi, JAPAN 781-0014
    TEL&FAX : TEL 088-845-1510 FAX 088-846-2641
    Website: http://www.ko-marutaka.co.jp/


    Capital: 20,000,000
    年商: 3,800,000,000
    Established: November 1967
    Employees: 68


公益社団法人 高知県貿易協会

所在地:高知県高知市丸ノ内1-2-20 高知県庁本庁舎内

TEL:088-821-0033 FAX:088-822-3065