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Chemicals Toyo Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

This company was founded in 1919 as Tosa Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 1919, and after receiving investment from Toagosei Co., Ltd. in 1956, the name was changed to what it is currently. Our flagship products are additives for castings and steel, and are used as desulfurization and deoxidation agents in steel manufacturing. We offer unique products created with our own proprietary technology.In addition, we make calcium phosphate for use on cattle farms, calcium carbonate for use in paper manufacturing, and fly ash beads for use in artificial ground material. We also make and distribute "Neo Coal" as a gardening soil that can aid in cleaning the air.

main item

  • Special Alloy
    High quality cast iron products are desired for their durability and safety. To increase the strength of cast iron, our graphite spheroidization agent is necessary.
  • Calcium Phosphate
    We manufacture and distribute calcium phosphate for use in animal feed blends and for supplementing phosphorous and calcium absorption in domestic animals.
  • Fly Ash Beads
    This product is made mainly from fly ash, a bi-product from coal plants, and it is used as an ingredient in artificial ground surfacing. It is suited for embankment and backfilling among other things. The product is certified for recycling by Kochi Prefecture (Certification No. 79).

Company Profile

  • Name : Toyo Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Name of Representative : Eita Irimajiri
    Address: 2-25 Hagimachi,Kochi-City,kochi 780-8525
    TEL&FAX : TEL 088-834-4800 FAX 088-833-2250
    Website: http://www.toyodenka.co.jp/
    Capital: 300,000,000
    Established: April 1919
    Employees: 265


公益社団法人 高知県貿易協会

所在地:高知県高知市丸ノ内1-2-20 高知県庁本庁舎内

TEL:088-821-0033 FAX:088-822-3065