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Machine Materials and Metal Products Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd.

Since our founding in 1971, we have consistently endeavored to offer products and services designed with the customer in mind. As a result of our efforts to advance the research and development of environmental maintenance equipment in general, and sewage handling in particular, we have been blessed with broad-based support from customers both in Japan and abroad. Currently, our company's centerpiece product lines—our high-powered vacuum trucks and high-pressure cleaning trucks—have both earned tremendous domestic market share, and are also rated highly in overseas regions including Southeast Asia.
In continuing to satisfy our customers by evolving our products and services and deepening our craft, continuing to focus unwaveringly on the development of products that meet our customers' needs, and continuing to move forward alongside our customers, we hope to contribute to global prosperity through engineering.

main item

  • High-Powered Vacuum Trucks
    Capable of high-powered suction of sewage and fine particles, effective in submerged areas and at long distance. Widely used for sewage handling in gutters and storm sewers, and clean-up operations in steel plants, power plants, and cement factories.
  • High-Pressure Cleaning Trucks
    Provide pressure-washing capabilities suitable for sediment buildup in gutters and storm sewers, dirt accumulation on walls, and more. These products, with proprietary functionality, are made with ease-of-use in mind.
  • ② 高圧洗浄車

Company Profile

  • Name : Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Name of Representative : Tsunao Tsukuda
    Address: 3981-7, Nunoshida, Kochi-shi, Kochi, Japan 781-5101
    TEL&FAX : TEL 088-845-5511 FAX 088-845-5211
    Website: http://www.kanematsu-eng.jp/english/index.html


    Capital: 313,700,000
    年商: 8,680,000,000
    Established: 1971
    Employees: 180


公益社団法人 高知県貿易協会

所在地:高知県高知市丸ノ内1-2-20 高知県庁本庁舎内

TEL:088-821-0033 FAX:088-822-3065